‘Read It Later’ For iPhones

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your computer browser at home, you’re familiar with the
wonderful variety of useful plugins Mozilla allows.

One of my home-computer favorites has been “Read It Later”.

This plug-in allows you to save pages to read later (even when you’re offline.) So you can
imagine how my interest was piqued when I realized it was now possible to access my favorite
plug-in while using an iPhone or iPod Touch (which comes with a standard Mobile Safari

How Does It Work?

As easy as butter!  Save a page on your iPhone by simply hitting the “read it now” icon. Sync it
immediately to your computer by hitting your blue Sync button.

If an article is one you’re particularly excited about, you can tap your “Share” button to share it
by using your Social Networking tools – Digg, Twitter, Delicious, Facebook or Email – any one
that you’ve enabled.  (You can also share to other iPhone apps, too – like Twitterfon and

There’s also a “New Bookmarklets” option in Mobile Safari.  Scan, tap and save – that’s all there
is to it. Even in batches.  So if you’re on CNN, and find several stories that look interesting, you
can just queue them up for reading later – either on your iPhone, or at home on your computer.

Later, you can retrieve your list of saved articles. On your iPhone, just tap the one you want to

You can also view your pages Airplane or Offline mode. You can choose the full-page mode,
complete with graphics, exactly as it appeared on the web – or you can select a “Text Only”
version. You can change the font size, or flip the background from white to dark, if you prefer.

In short, this plug-in does its best to be flexible and accommodating to any viewing situation.

And of course, if you add a page via iPhone while out and about, you can relax and forget about
it, knowing it will be there later on your computer at home for you to read.

Is It Hard To Set Up?

Installing Read It Later on your iPhone couldn’t be easier.  If you’ve never opened an app
before, just go the How to use Read It Later on your iPhone/iPod page.  There are full
instructions, broken down into easy to access modules, for installation.
When you’ve done the installation and first open the app, two big orange buttons will fill the

If you haven’t used this bookmark app on Firefox or any other computer or device yet, tap the
“I am new to Read It Later” button.

Enter a new username and password, and it creates your account.  Later, you’re able to access it
from your home computer.

If you already have it at home installed via Firefox, tap “I already use Read It Later” button.

Just enter your username and password to log on.

What If There Are Several Pages?

Read It Later takes care of this problem, too. It saves and sorts by “% completed”, and if there’s
a web article that extends over several pages, it combines them for you in both text and web

The “Down” Side

Read It Later offers both a free and a “Pro” version.
The main differences?

The Pro version offers more options. Unfortunately, they’re all the most useful ones.

Options that are only available in the “Pro” version:

*       Tap To Save Bookmarklet
*       Full Screen reader
*       Share
*       Automark as “Read”
*       Unread Count (appears as a number at the top right corner of your Read It Later icon)
*       One-Touch Rotation Lock (just tap once to unlock)

With their “Full Screen” option, you can get rid of the toolbar to provide yourself with more
viewing room on your screen. And getting the toolbar back again is ridiculously easy – just tap
the screen when you’re ready for it to return.

I also like Landscape mode better than Portrait.  The Pro version allows you to flip the display
to Landscape mode – and toggle it back to Portrait again.

But Read It Later redeems itself again – at $2.99, upgrading is a no-brainer!

But Wait – There’s More
Read It Later is currently developing versions for other phones, but makes the guides available
on line, in case you want to create your own app or Mashup.

And while they’re at it – they’re already at work on Version 2.0.

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videos and MobiBooks formatted for your Mobile Phones and Kindle.