At Home Strength Training / Weight Lifting Workout

At Home Strength Training / Weight Lifting Workout

Just in case you’re jonesing for more of my workouts πŸ˜‰
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This workout will burn approx 600 calories.

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1) Jumping jacks
2) squat with core rotation
3) bird-dog
4) alternating 3 way lunge
5) glute bridge

Strength Circuit: Complete 3 rounds
1) Step up, lat raise, lunge back (8 reps per leg)
2) Plank Step overs (8 reps)
3) Squat & curtsy lunge (10 reps per leg)
4) man makers (5 reps)
5) hamstring curls
6) 6 rows, 6 plank hops (repeat 4x)

Tabata Finisher
KB Swings // high knees or jugglers



Caroline Myers says:

Fantastic Strength Workout!!

Jennifer Baker says:

Awesome! Loved it!

Ezra Adrian says:

Ok nope I quit at 4:18 lmao fuck that

Alysse Mathalon says:

Great strength workout that's accessible from home πŸ™‚ I watched your videos on strength training vs. mostly cardio training, and I now want to start strength training more…. to really tone my muscles. I will check out some of your routines to get myself started

UP&UNDER85 says:

Where was the weightlifting?

pmvillegos says:

Gahdamn that shit was hard. Good job!

Nicole K says:

Love this video :)) Can I please ask how heavy your dumbbells are? Thank uuu

nikolina josipovic says:

Loved..thank you😁😊

CatEyesKiki says:

What's the weight of your dumbells? I don't want to use too light of weight you see. Great video btw!☝️🏾πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

Fatima Mroueh says:

Will this avoid the loss of muscles during weightloss?

Stephanie Chicano says:

Way too much time talking and fixing your clock.

Emi says:

the workout is great,I think adding music would make it more enjoyable,like the style in jessica smith's workouts,it might seems silly but it actually do a difference!

Jessica Palmer says:

Whoever said weights can't be cardiovascular?!?! Whoo! I'm POW!

Gemma C says:

Need modifiers please

Jill Hobbs says:

THANK YOU for another amazing workout! I would love to see more weighted at home workouts. I've gotten burnt out on HIIT and want to do more weights but need to be able to do them at home. LOVED THIS ONE!

Ita Serna says:

Damn Christine, you'll burn in the hell of fitness (I'm kidding) πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Hola from Mexico!!! β€πŸ€—πŸ˜Š

megan7893 says:

Your workouts NEVER fail me!!! Fantastic burn!!! And sweaty!!! Love it! Thanks!!!

drunjj says:

please do more at home strength training!!!! please!!

Erin Pearce-Hoel says:

came back to this workout after not doing in for months and really loved it again went to like and already on my likes. thanks Christine πŸ’ž

Abby Kuo says:

i did this again

Salma El-Ansary says:

Love your workouts Christine! I am getting married in July and have been doing your workouts religiously. Absolutely love them and feel a difference in my body! will send you a pic πŸ™‚
PS. I am Canadian (From Toronto) but I live in Abu Dhabi and that's where I'm doing your workouts from – I know you like to know where your workout buddies are located! The wedding will be in Italy.

eva zancada says:


Vanessa Poddighe says:

Thank you😍

theFitty says:

I just did this workout. It was really good Christine! Are you a personal trainer?

Amy Griffin says:

Loved this! Thank you for another great workout!! Great combo of strength and cardio, just amazing

Abby Kuo says:

did it and LOVED it. thank you

Jessica Dalton says:

Finally summoned the courage to tackle this one. Holy moly. That was incredibly cardiovascular as well! A fun challenge, though I never manage to keep up with you on all the reps πŸ˜‰

Erin House says:

I REALLY liked this workout!! So different than your standard format; did not get bored and felt really strong at the end. Awesome!

Amy J says:

Tough but a lot of fun! Please do more at home strength routines πŸ™‚

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