Homemade workout machine for Biceps-Triceps (Part 2)

Homemade workout machine for Biceps-Triceps (Part 2)

This is the part 2 of making Triceps-Biceps workout machine.full video link is below

Full tutorial:
“How to How to make Gym Workout Machine at Homehttps://youtu.be/qOH9Zp7qmZU

In this machine as i haven’t built weight for this so I attached a small weight as a sample, later on i will put full weight on this machine



Virkong Art says:

Hello friends, In this machine as i haven’t built weight for this so I attached a small weight as a sample, later on i will put full weight on this machine

Anand raj Raja arts says:

Super bro I will try it today onl

Cool Dood says:

Man you are awesome…. First one i have seen homemade and looks beautiful…..

mr benchpress says:

Replace them Wheels with regular pulleys you can get at Ace Hardware you can find one pretty cheap that supports a maximum load of 450 lb it's a little bit safer than those Wheels if you put heavier weight on those Wheels they might collapse

Sheikh Aqib says:

Pulley ki baring kaha mila gee

Serious Gamer85 says:

great idea.thanks

Arun says:

Shandar bhai ultimate video

yahyadheen saheb says:

Waste of time..better u purchase a machine..may b cost almost same

Akash Ranjan says:

As soon i saw that we have to drill on floor i realised it was not ment for me

Rahul Sonkar says:

Video achi h lekin itni mehnat koi na kare yar

Kajal Deb says:

bearing ka naam kya hai

Shuvo Sanyal says:

Sir aap jo do gol beyaring use kiya hein uska orginal naam keya hein

Shivam Chaurasiya says:

Very very nice

El Sea says:

So amazingly unique and creative…yet same song I hear in 90% of YouTube videos….makes you say….why?

Willy Awesomehttps://youtu.be/1IYvxP7kVt8 says:

Hey can I share this on my willyawesomefitness page on facebook? This is a cool idea.

Raghav Neha says:

Achhi creativity h great mind work

west midland mexican says:

Cool what’s the song

steviestoosh says:

You'll be a brick shithouse in no time. Minus a brick.

Tyler K. says:

Its actualy better then most gym machines. If theres 10 kg on there then your actualy lifting 10 kg. Most gym machine use roll systems so when you pull the cable 9 cm the weight moves 3cm. So 90 kg all of a sudden feel like 30.

Akshay Gaur says:

Amazing work

Carlos M.Aliaga says:

Splendid video, hope to find how to build bench press here,…

Umar Syed says:

What is the load this can take?
Pulleys look delicate. .will collapse for heavy weight.

chris green says:

Buy a screwdriver bit for your drill.

Abdul Muqeet says:

Very good
Appreciate your work

Jassi Gill says:

Its tricep push down not pull down

Aaron Brown says:

Thought, thumbnail , Was, Dildo…

Umesh Nalvade says:

इस रसी को क्या कहते हे,,?

ऑर ऐ कहा मील सक्ती हे,,?

Plzzz…. Reply…

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