Commonly Used Gym Equipment which you should know

Commonly Used Gym Equipment which you should know


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Commonly Used Gym Equipment which you should know

Name of Machine: Squat Rack/Power Rack/Squat Station
Description: The mecca of strength training. This station may be a bit advanced for a beginner but is imperative to any serious strength training routing.

Name of Machine: Barbells
Description: Great for strength training. This is a necessary purchase when buying a squat station
Muscles Used: Everything!

Name of Machine: Bench Press
Description: The quintessential chest building exercise.
Muscles Used: Chest, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Lats, and Upper back

Name of Machine: Incline Bench Press
Description: The incline bench press is another great workout for chest growth.
Muscles Used: Upper chest, deltoids (shoulders), triceps

Name of Machine: Glute Ham Developer
Description: Glute Ham Developer is effective to strengthen glutes and lower back.
Muscles Used: Glutes and Lower Back

Name of Machine: Power Tower
Description: Power Tower is used to perform pull ups, sit ups, leg raises, dips , push ups and chin ups.
Muscles Used: Chest, Arms, Legs, Shoulders, Back

Name of Machine: Wall Ball
Description: Wall Ball can be used for a great cardio workout.
Muscles Used: Back, legs, shoulder and arms

Name of Machine: Exercise Bikes
Description: The single most effective machine to stay fit, healthy, burn fat and a complete body workout. Specifically helps increasing stamina and strengthening leg muscles.
Muscles Used: Calf and Thighs

Name of Machine: EZ Curl Bar
Description: EZ Curl Bar is effective to strengthen arms and wrists.
Muscles Used: Arms, Biceps and Triceps

Name of Machine: Cables and Pulleys
Description: Grips are attached to cables. A number of exercises can be performed with this
Muscles Used: Depends on exercise performed. Potential to hit every muscle

Name of Machine: Abdominal Bench
Description: Similar to the hyper extension bench but hits your abs
Muscles Used: Abs

Name of Machine: Dumb Bells
Description: A handle with weight attached at the end. A staple of any exercise program
Muscles Used: Anything you want

Name of Machine: Pull Up/Chin Up Bar
Description: Pull yourself up so your chin is above the bar.
Muscles Used: Back, shoulders, abs, biceps

Name of Machine: Kettle Bell
Description: Tons of ways you can use the kettle bell
Muscles Used: Depends on the exercise

Name of Machine: Lat Pull Down Machine
Description: Pull the bar towards your chest and squeeze your back
Muscles Used: Upper/lower back



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