Isawall Exercise Wall for Home Gyms, Fitness Centers

Isawall Exercise Wall for Home Gyms, Fitness Centers

Isawall supports more than 100 exercises your can perform for every major muscle group. Are you ready to take control and redefine your fitness perspective?

Customize your favorite workouts on state-of-the-art equipment in the convenience of your own home, a fitness center or private facility?

Many workout types are available with Isawall, including traditional strength and resistance training, yoga poses, and Pilates-style core progressions. It’s a versatile, comprehensive and innovative workout system that’s literally…off the wall.

Isawall is ideal for the beginner and the seasoned athlete. It’s designed to support diverse therapeutic modalities where muscle isolation, balance, and core strength contribute to improve body function and awareness.

You can perform many types of familiar exercises with one wall, including: cicep curls, tricep dips, pull ups, chest press (and all variety of pushups), vertical mountain climbers, leg raises, hip flexion and extension, abdominal curls, front raises for shoulders and squats with a shoulder press.



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